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  • What is Botulinum Toxin and what does it do?
    Botulinum toxin, also referred to as neuromodulator or an anti-wrinkle treatment is a purified substance derived from bacteria. Injection of neuromodulators blocks the release of acetylcholine, the main neurotransmitter that signals the muscles to contract. Without the signal, the muscle is not able to contract which results in diminished facial wrinkles appearance.
  • How to prepare for your upcoming anti-wrinkle appointment?
    There is no special preparation needed for botulinum toxin injections. The treatment is quick and requires minimal downtime. Please avoid excessive drinking alcohol intake the night before to minimize bruising. If you may safely do so, please avoid using aspirin or ibuprofen the night before. You may choose to skip taking any supplements that might potentially make bleeding worse and cause some bruising such as Vitamin E, Gingko Biloba, Ginger, Garlic.
  • How long before I see any results?
    It can take 3-14 days before you notice any effect from botulinum toxins. The full effect will take up to 2 weeks. The results will last 3-4 months on average. After that you will begin to see the wrinkles and lines return.
  • Is there any postcare protocol I should be following?
    Your nurse-injector will go over any special post care instructions with you.
  • Which areas can be treated with botulinum toxin?
    Your injector will be able to address the areas of most concern based on your individual anatomy. The most commonly treated areas are forehead, between the eyebrow area (the elevens), around the eyes (crow’s feet). Less common area that we are also able to treat with botulinum toxin is lower part of the face and neck. Neuromodulators used therapeutically can also help to alleviate symptoms experienced with bruxism (teeth grinding & clenching), hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), tension in neck and shoulders (trap tox).
  • What are some of the common side effects?
    Minimal pain Bruising at the injection site Bleeding Redness Headache (less common)
  • How long will my results last?
    It is reasonable to expect 3-4 months before the effects of the neuromodulators wears off.
  • When should I book my next appointment ?
    On average, we recommend to schedule your next appointment in about 4 months.
  • Will the anti-wrinkle treatment get rid of my static deep lines?
    The neuromodulators treat dynamic lines that are most visible during the facial expressions. The lines and wrinkles that already formed and are visible during rest called static lines. They require additional treatment modalities such as chemical peels, microneedling and dermal filler procedures.
  • Botulinum toxin types
    Botulinum toxin types approved by FDA and Health Canada for a cosmetic and therapeutic use are: Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin® and Nuiceva®
  • What is mesotherapy?
    Mesotherapy is series of treatments that traditionally consisted of controlled microinjections of active ingredients into the deeper layers of epidermis. At Beauty Therapy by Lana, we believe that combining the benefits of active mesotherapy solutions with microneedling delivers the best results for our clients. We use the Dermapen 4 (Dp4), one of the fastest fully-automated microneedling devices on the market. It’s speed and precision translates into a much more comfortable experience for our clients with minimal downtime, 36-48h on average.
  • What are the benefits of mesotherapy and microneedling treatment?
    In addition to the usual benefits of the microneedling procedure, such as boosting new collagen production, the use of unique mesotherapy solutions allows us to treat and address various skin conditions such as: scars (post-acne and surgical) acne hyperpigmentation scars rosacea striae (stretch marks) wrinkles (improving appearance) skin texture and complexion
  • How can I prepare for the combined microneedling & mesotherapy procedure?
    It is important to stop the use of retinol (Vitamin A) about a week prior to the procedure). Please allow at least two weeks between any other skin treatments and microneedling. Please refrain from using any abrasive products such as chemical peels at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure.
  • What can I expect during the treatment?
    Your face will be thoroughly cleansed and prepped for the treatment. The procedure itself is quick and most clients tolerate it very well without any additional use of topical anesthetics. If you prefer to use topical anesthetics please arrive at least 30 min before your scheduled appointment. After the treatment, the cooling and soothing mask will be applied for 15 minutes and detailed post care instructions will be provided.
  • What can I expect after the procedure?
    Your treatment will be tailored to address your specific skin concerns and needs so the downtime after the procedure can vary. On average, you can expect to feel mild to moderate sun burn sensation 36-48 hours after the treatment.
  • Will I need more than one treatment?
    The skin benefits will be apparent after one treatment. However, when targeting various skin conditions, an initial series of few treatments needed to achieve the best results. The recommended number of treatments is usually anywhere between 3-5 sessions, a maintenance microneedling session can be done every 4-6 weeks.
  • Hyaluronic acid
    Hyaluronic acid (HA) filler is a type of temporary dermal filler. HA is found naturally throughout our body, it attracts water to skin which allows it to stay more hydrated. As we age, our muscle, fat and skin tissue begins to loose volume, elasticity and the skin starts to thin out. The volume loss causes the face to appear more sunken and worsens the superficial and deep wrinkle appearance. The HA dermal filler helps to restore and replace some of the lost volume. Dermal fillers lessen and improve the appearance of deep and superficial wrinkles, enhance facial contouring, and replenishing lost volume.
  • What can I expect during the procedure?
    We will begin with a very thorough and comprehensive assessment taking into the account your anatomy, preferences and treatment expectations. Every client is unique and we will design an individual approach that suits your needs best.
  • How long does the HA dermal filler last?
    HA filler longevity is influenced by a few factors. The dermal filler’s specific formulation. The treatment area, i.e., where the filler is injected. The specific dosage of the filler. The speed at which your body absorbs the filler. On average, you can expect the HA dermal filler to last 6-12 months.
  • How can I prepare for my appointment?
    Avoiding use of NSAIDs, alcohol, vitamin E at least 24 prior to the appointment might help to decrease bruising.
  • Will I bruise?
    We take great care in minimizing the bruising as much as possible, but please keep in mind that some bruising is possible and considered a normal occurrence during or after the procedure.
  • How long in advance should I book the procedure before big event?
    Please be advised that it is often a journey that takes time. We always recommend to start as soon as possible with an ample time to spare befroe your big event. It is best to schedule a consultation with your nurse-injector at least few months in advance.
  • How long before I see any results?
    HA dermal filler face restoration effects are immediately visible following the procedure. However, the HA dermal filler will attract water and the treated area will also improve after the filler settles and integrates better into the tissues.
  • Are there any risks associated with the procedure?
    Some of the more common complications include bruising and swelling at the injection site which tend to subside within one week. Your nurse-injector will discuss any potential complications with you after the procedure and will provide detailed post care instructions.
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